Travel claim form

As it is said in Registration and Fee section, members of TEA-IS network will NOT pay any registration fee.

However they must provide receipts of all expenses (plane ticket, hotel bill, taxis, trains, …) together with their bank account (account number, BIC, IBAN, SWIFT codes, bank address and account holder) since we will make bank transfers after the summer school.

This is necessary in order to get the complete reimbursement.

Members of the TEA-IS network please fill in and give in hand to the organizers in the venue the Travel Claim Form you can donwnload at the bottom of this page.

According to ESF regulations, TEA - IS RNP members must co-author at least one abstract in order to get reimbursement. No reimbursement will be processed for TEA - IS RNP participants which do not contribute to the scientific program.

 You can download the travel claim form here.